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Greg's Weekly Scratch Educator Challenge

Greg's Weekly Scratch Educator Challenge for the week of 10/8/2018

Happy Tuesday, Scratch Educators!
For this week, I encourage you to bring Scratch into your classrooms!
- If you are a CS Teacher, reach out to a non-cs teacher and see how you can collaborate to use Scratch in their content area
- If you are a content area teacher create an assignment that encourages students to tinker with Scratch and generate a project that reflects what you’re learning this week.

Here are a couple of examples that I have created.

Poetry: O Romeo!

Art: Draw with Mouse

We would love to have you share your projects and some feedback about your experience!
Share projects here:

Have questions, suggestions, or comments? Please feel free to post them in the Teaching With Scratch Facebook page under Greg's Weekly ScratchEd Challenge!