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High-Low Tech: Rethinking Cultural and Material Contexts for Computing

Slides from Leah Buechley's Creative Computing presentation

Here is Leah Buechley's presentation for the sensing session at the Creative Computing workshop for K-12 teachers, organized by our group at the MIT Media Lab on July 16-18, 2009, in connection with Google's CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) initiative. 


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Daniel Reid

While the slides were provocative, I didn't see lecture notes / speaker notes that would help make sense of the pdf document.  Do they exist?

Karen Brennan

Unfortunately not. There are several videos of Leah talking about her work online, though, and that might help give some context. I recently posted a video of Leah (she appears after me talking about Scratch boards) on ScratchEd at

Hope that helps a little -- although lecture/speaker notes would have been better!