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Hour of Code + Scratch + CCSS: 6th Grade Math, Coordinate Plane

6th Grade Math lesson on the coordinate plane; introduces very basic Scratch programming.
The first in a series of lesson plans introducing programming while aligning to the Common Core State Standards. I'm hoping that more teachers will participate in Hour of Code if the content is material they have to teach anyway. In this lesson, students use the pen and motion blocks to draw shapes on the coordinate plane.  

Karen Lewis
Many thanks. I will be using this in my maths lesson.
Kathy Waddington
 Super - I plan to use this next week with our match teacher!  I have been using scratch for years in the computer lab but I can't get teachers to buy in - all I had to do is show them CCSS and the teachers start to listen!
Coach Newton Antoniuk
 Nice work Kelly, thanx for compiling.

Coach Newt