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How to Make a Computer Game

Lesson plan, directions handout, and game planner sheet in support of making a simple "if touching" game, using variables for score and time

These papers were created to support teacher workshops and student game-making classes.  We have used this project to introduce basic Scratch techniques to beginners.

1.  Lesson outline for a two hour computer game workshop with adults.

2.  Handout summarizing steps in making a game and giving sample scripts.

3.  Planner paper for students to use in designing the game, before they go to the computer.

Dave Briccetti

Good stuff. I especially like the design planner, for collecting all the information about the game.

I wonder about what sorts of students prefer to plan things out completely beforehand, versus jumping right in, experimenting, and adding game elements as they go along. Perhaps this parallels the waterfall and agile methodologies that some professional programmers use.

Karen Randall

Yep, kids definitely approach the planning in different ways.  The paper helps those who need more structure, but the way I use it, once kids are launched they don't have to fill out everything.  The education-jargon is "scafolding."  Could you explain the programming methodogy you mention?