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How to use Scratch in Citizen Maths

Math+Scratch video-series that explores coding with Scratch to give a "hands-on feeling of math in action."
This latest phase of Citizen Maths Scratch Videos includes content for Proportion, Representation, and Uncertainty:

In addition to the videos, the site includes a table (excerpted below) describing which skills are explored in each video.
1: Introducing the Scratch website
          How to:
  • access the website
  • browse Scratch ‘projects’ (the name for the programs made by coding in Scratch)
  • access online help
2: A maze project
          How to:
  • How to look inside a project
  • Understanding the different elements of a Scratch project
3: A spiral project
         How to:
  • create a new project
  • change the sprite
  • use these blocks: clear, go to, pendown, penup, move, turn, point in direction
  • connect blocks to make a script
4: A regular pentagon project
         How to:
  • use the sprite library
  • move the sprite with the mouse
  • use these blocks: move, pendown, turn, repeat, clear
5: Small and large regular pentagons
         How to:
  • make a variable
  • display the variable on the screen
  • set a value for a variable
  • use a variable in a script
6: Regular polygons
         How to:
  • make and use a second variable
  • calculate with a variable using the ‘divide’ block
  • use the point in direction block

Thanks to Seb Schmoller, of Citizen Maths, for sharing this resource.