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iD Tech Camps - Adventures in Programming Class

Summer class for 7-11 year olds using Scratch to develop their own games and projects!

Let your imagination run wild in this multimedia camp adventure. Computer characters are at your command. Learn programming basics with Scratch through interactive storytelling. Students will think creatively while learning to program their own stories, games and animations, as well as share their creations on the web. At these computer camps kids will take home a copy of their final project. 


Note: We take frequent breaks throughout the day, introducing cool non-tech activities. Welcome to internalDrive! Do Something BIG this summer!

Charlie Freund

iD has been running for 13 years. I'll try to get some student projects up in a bit!



Karen Brennan

The "Adventures in Programming" offering looks great!

How long has it been running? How many young people have participated? Is there a place where previous work is posted?