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Integrating Scratch in the Classroom

ideas for integrating Scratch into classroom curricula

This Classroom 2.0 wiki page summarizes ideas for integrating Scratch into classroom curricula that were shared at the Scratch@MIT Conference in 2008.  The page includes lecture notes that urge educators to "imagine Scratch as a vehicle for asking questions, collecting data, or sharing ideas."


Big Picture (excerpt)

  • Scratch as a new medium for kids to show what they know
  • Give kids the tool and get out of the way
  • Create needs for the kids to ensure that they want to learn it
  • Internalization, deep knowledge in order to apply to a project
  • come at the concept using a different perspective
  • Integrate with off-computer activities, use computer to simulate the real world
  • Skills beyond solving the basic problem--team building, leadership, organization
  • Tech teachers don't need to spend lots of time introducing Scratch, kids can take it back to classrooms and use
  • Value to what programming in Scratch does in itself, logic and cognitive skills are building blocks to be used in other contexts
  • Kids become advocates for themselves, doing the work in Scratch as an option
  • Use Scratch in the curriculum to help students think differently, understand better
  • Not every will go into computer science/engineering, but everybody can see beauty of programming


Stamati Crook

Great ideas. I have posted a paper on a similar theme at but wish I had seen this wiki first.