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Interfacing Scratch 2.0 with CodeShield

Watch a brief video of this dynamic duo in action or better yet, download the code!

CodeShield is an affordable hardware board that sits on top of an Arduino microcontroller and provides the follwoing sensors: photocell, thermistor, Hall effect sensor, button switch, slide switch and rotary encoder. It also has acutators on board: a relay, a piezo device, an RGB LED, a white LED, and a servo motor. I have created a Scratch 2.0 hardware extension that allows a Scratch 2.0 program to monitor and control all of these elements. If you would like to see it in action check out this video:

Want to know how all this works? Here is a link to the code:

Although the software is specific to the CodeShield, it is easily adpated to work with Scratch and any Arduino based project.