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Intermediate Level Loops and Event Recognition

Fun experimentation with loops and event recognition to control and manipulate a character. Good for kids of all ages over several workshop sessions.

I'm using this tutorial for kids I'm mentoring in a social services setting that range from 6-12 years old.  While they all have different levels of ability and interest, the possibilities of adding a few loops and conditional statements together with event recognition has sparked interest and excitement in all of the kids.  I don't expect them all to understand or execute everything in this project, but I do encourage them to try parts of the project in each workshop session and I try to emphasize the idea of connecting small steps together to build a complex program that is understandable and manageable.  The pages are meant to be printed, folded in half and stapled together as a small guide to be handed out to the kids.  A couple kids showed interest in taking the guides home and I left the rest in the computer lab for any kids outside the workshop that may be interested. 

Karen Brennan

I love the clean, elegant format of the guides -- and I really like that you encourage them to think about "connecting small steps together".

I hope we'll get to see more!