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Join Us For The First ScratchEd Virtual Meetup!

The ScratchEd Team will be holding a Virtual Meetup on Saturday, December 8th to celebrate the close of CSEdWeek. Learn more!


What is a ScratchEd Meetup?

ScratchEd Meetups are peer-designed professional learning experiences inspired by the Edcamp model. This means that you decide what your learning looks like. At a Meetup, you can share, create, and learn with other educators who are also passionate about democratizing access to creative computing education. Anyone who is interested in connecting with fellow educators and learning more about using Scratch in educational settings is welcome to participate, and no experience with Scratch is necessary!

ScratchEd’s First Virtual Meetup

The ScratchEd Team will be holding a Virtual Meetup on Saturday, December 8th to celebrate the close of CSEdWeek! In the spirit of traditional ScratchEd Meetups, which bring Scratch Educators together for in-person professional learning experiences in their local communities, the Virtual ScratchEd Meetup will include time for introductions, breakout groups (which will be defined by the interests of participants), and reflection. With over 30 meetups across the globe, we are excited to extend our invitation for collaboration and sharing with even more educators from across the country and around the world through Unhangout, a digital collaboration platform.

Before the Event

1. RSVP by filling out this brief survey. It will help us build the breakout rooms and get a sense for who will be attending the event.
2. Make sure you are using a laptop or computer equipt with a functioning camera and microphone. We will also have a breakout group specifically geared towards educators who wish to engage through a text-only experience.
3. “Sign Up” for an account with UnHangout so that you will be ready to participate.
4. Navigate through the Unhangout platform to ensure you are familiar with the platform. This will potentially avoid connectivity and usage concerns the day of the meeting.
5. Check your email! We will send a link to the chat on Friday, December 7th to all interested participants.

Using the Unhangout Platform

1. Introduction to Unhangout (A useful video!)
2. Find further information about UnHangout, here.

Community Guidelines

Please honor our event guideline of Respectful Sharing. We hope that everyone will be thoughtful, playful, and respectful in their contributions. Additionally, please be mindful not to promote for-profit materials in your breakout groups.

Looking forward to seeing you there!