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Lesson plan for a guided Scratch book summary

How to use Scratch to do a guided book summary.

Guided Scratch book summary)

I am sharing my experience with a 7-year-old doing his first Scratch book summary.  The guided method I used  was to prompt the student gently with questions.  I also helped him with some part of the Scratch project as he is still learning how to scratch.

Shared Reading and Scratch project

The student read aloud the story with another teacher in a cosy reading area.  Then he came over to join me at the Scratch station. This is what we did together.

1. Design the first frame of the Scratch project. 

2. Type the title of the book and the author in the second frame.

3. Type the summary of the story into the Scratch project.  I asked him leading questions, correcting his English as he went along. 

4. When we were both happy with his finished summary, I asked him why he liked the story.  The student typed his answer as the last sentence of the book summary.


The method will vary depending on the ability of the student.  If your student is strong in his command of the language, he will not need to be guided.  Just post the main items you wish him to cover in the book summary and ask him to let you edit (or mark) for grammatical, spelling and other errors, before the completed project is shared.