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Game design handout and examples

Game design provides numerous opportunities to explore a variety of computational concepts and skills. At the Creative Computing workshop last week, we conducted a workshop that focused on designing games with Scratch. After discussing that games have a common structure of goal, rules, outcome (based on Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman's definition of a game), we worked in pairs to design our own games. As a starting place, I showed three types of games (a maze game, a collision game, a guessing game) and then distributed a handout.

I've attached the Scratch projects for the games, as well as the handout. The handout has 4 pages: an overview of Scratch blocks that are frequently used in games and a sheet for each game type.

Heather Gamble

I love these! Great for beginners and in an easy-to-print format. I'll be using these next week with my kids.

Karen Brennan

Thanks! Let me know how it goes -- and if you have have any suggestions for changes.