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Magic Maze (Scratch 2)

Step-by-step instructions for building maze based games. Should keep students occupied for about two hours :)
Adaptation of a scratch 1.4 tutorial that I used for two years when introducing my students to scratch. I have tried to find the original author of the PDF I used, but could not find her/him. If you recognize your work, please drop a comment so I can credit your work.
Sandy Coleman
 Hi Jac,
This is a great activity and I would like to use it in a website I am currently working on that is a collection of Scratch activities and resources.  Of course with full attributions to you. 

Jac Gubbels
Sure. I like the screatchers initiative. Perhaps my class blog related to the game design unit I teach using Scratch could be a valuable resource for IB MYP teachers using scratch. It also ties in quite well with the Design Notebook idea. Ciao!