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Making Music With Scratch Session Handout

"There is nothing like making music and messing with sound to inspire people to learn how to program." -- Professor Dan Trueman, cofounder of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra

This workshop introduces participants to Scratch’s music-generating capabilities and shows how they can be used to teach computing concepts to students with a wide range of music and computing experience. The workshop demonstrates techniques used in “Sound Thinking,” a university General Education (GenEd) course open to all students in all majors. Participants will receive an extensive handout with links to our teaching materials, and they will have the opportunity to create music-generating programs themselves using a variety of Scratch constructs. The workshop will conclude with a mini concert in which some participants will play the music that they created. Although our experience is based primarily on a university-level course, we have used some of the techniques we’ve developed with middle and secondary school students in after-school programs. This workshop is therefore appropriate for teachers at all levels, including those with little or no music or computing experience and those who are just beginning to work with Scratch.