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Mini Lessons To start the Scratchy Journey

5 mini lessons to get you started on the Scratchy Journey.Thanks to the wealth of resources shared by Scratch Community
 Hi, all.

I have created a series of 5 mini lessons to get people started on the Scratch Journey. The targetted audience is people who know absolutely nothing about Scratch.

These are just bare minimum for story creation so that the others can be energized to "Imagine, Program and Share" with Scratch.

This website is made possible due to the generous sharing by Scratch Community! 

Feel free to comment so that I can make this matter.

Mini Lessons to Get your Scratchy !

Sze Yee
Ai Boon Tan
Dear Sze Yee,

Thank you for sharing this resource. It is an excellent resource.

Best rgds,
Ai Boon
Leland Nunes

Thanks for posting.  I just started a coding club at the school where I teach.  I'll be using these guided lessons as a jumping in point.


Leland Nunes