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miniLogo: a drag and drop environment to teach Logo

Now even Logo programming can be learned in a drag-and-drop, Scratch-like environment.

This project implements a Logo programming environment (based on UCBlogo) similar to Scratch’s.

In the miniLogo environment you can drag and drop Logo blocks to:

  • manage variables, list and arrays (mono and multidimensional)
  • define and call functions
  • pass arguments by name
  • I/O values
  • move the Turtle around and draw beatiful drawings

Then you can run a program just clicking on it.

To use the miniLogo environment you have only to download and install BYOB (an advanced version of Scratch by Jens Moenig and Brian Harvey) from (or from and then download and doubleclick the miniLogo project from

The miniLogo 1.0 project includes several sample programs. Remove them for better performances.

MiniLogo is almost fully compliant to UCBlogo ( This makes miniLogo somewhat slow. The rationale behind this is that I wanted to experiment to what extent a new programming language can be implemented in BYOB.

Some of UCBlogo features (such as queries, inspection, etc) are not yet included in version 1.0 of miniLogo. There are parts of UCBlogo (e.g. file access, saving and loading pictures) that at present can’t be included in miniLogo due to current limitations of Scratch/BYOB.