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Moscow Film Crew Captures Scratch Master Class

What if somebody recorded one of the best classes you've ever taught...

What if somebody recorded one of the best workdays of your life? This is a pretty common fantasy for most teachers, like imagining a television crew documenting the best class you ever taught. For me that day/class was last Tuesday, teaching what was billed as a "Master Class on Teaching Game Design with Scratch."

Rather than a standard seminar, we invited the teachers to bring students with them and presented a blended-learning experience. Best of all, it was held in a tv studio and the entire (beautifully shot/edited) class is now available to watch online (this teacher's dream come true).

Derek Breen
And I'm so happy to report regular Scratch Educator Meetups will be starting in Moscow, Dublin, London, Rome, Vienna, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam and Cape Town in the coming months!
Karen Brennan
Sounds interesting... Would love to learn more!