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Nebo Elementary School, Department of Fine Arts - Scratch Programming Projects

Scratch project assignments for elementary school students

Christopher Michaud (a music and technology teacher at Nebo Elementary School in Georgia) has created fifteen Scratch projects for elementary school students. He believes that elementary school students should be introduced to computer science using visual programming languages. To quote Michaud,

A visual programming language encourages kinesthetic thought in a system where students can examine and edit their creations as they change over time.  Computer science activities also provide an opportunity for project-based and integrated learning in accordance with the Georgia Performance Standards.  Finally, students with an understanding of the structure and flow of computer programs develop a deeper fluency with software and hardware. This fluency enables students to express their creativity and share their creations with others. (source)

Projects include simple games, creation of virtual musical instruments, short story animations, and a shape drawing robot. Michaud incorporates aspects of music, art, and language arts into the projects, and reaches out to a wide range of students with diverse interests.

Here is the list of Scratch projects you'll find on the website:

  • Project #1:  "Chasing/Eating" (Pac Man Type Game)
  • Project #2: Red Light/Green Light
  • Project #3: Pong
  • Project #4: Baby Catch
  • Project #5: Target Game
  • Project #6: Spinner Art (Screensaver Program)
  • Project #7: Racing Game
  • Project #8: Quiz Game
  • Project #9: Realistic Canon Project
  • Project #10: Communication Project
  • Project #11: Animation of a short story
  • Project #12: Virtual Musical Instrument
  • Project #13: Virtual Board Game
  • Project #14: Basic Space Target Game
  • Project #15: Shape Drawing Robot  (Polygon Robot)
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