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New Scratch Game Booklet

New Scratch Game Booklet for use with planning and designing your Scratcher's games!

From Keith Braafaldt @ Media Mashup:

"We have a new improved and updated Scratch Game booklet for Scratch 2.0. Kelley Meister, and instructor at the Science Museum just reviewed and revised the new edition! The booklet is a printable pdf (in color or b/w) you can give out to your Scratchers to help support the game design process. We've found this is a great way to design and develop ideas into games, and to take notes throughout the development process."

We like to give them an orange cardstock cover, too, that the students can write their names on and decorate with more ideas! Print in color or black/white (can have students color in blocks with markers for more activity fun). 


Download of PDF can be found here: