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Nouns - animals

A lesson on nouns.

In this lesson, the teacher introduces students to nouns.

1. Discuss the parts of a sentence.

2. Talk about nouns. Explain what they are.

3. Use animals to illustrate the topic.

4. Brainstorm with the students on the different types of animals:

    a.    carnivores vs herbivores,

    b.   domesticated animals vs wild animals vs zoo animals, etc

5. Show them the project "Ark animals" and view it.

6. Ask the students to create a similar project like it involving nouns.

7. Alternatively, they can remix the project and add more animals to the project. Encourage them to   

    change  the hunters (do not use Mr. and Mrs. Noah), create new traps (do not use the cage), etc


8. You can also ask them to view the project "Adjectives" by ninja35, remix it and change the objective of

    the game to bursting balloons with nouns instead of adjectives..

9. Have fun.