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Problem Solving and Critical Thinking With Scratch

RIchmond, VA-metro area teachers have been learning about problem-solving and critical thinking through a number of example Scratch projects from Goochland County Public Schools.

We designed these examples to showcase the ability to use Scratch in a variety of curriculum areas, from elementary grades on up. We're passionate about using Scratch in the classroom, and we hope these examples can help you get started Scratching. Each example is available in a zip file with PDF instructions, starter, and example project-end files.


Cat Race - an introduction to a Scratch project used with teachers new to the Scratch interface and programming.


Remember MadLibs? An example that allows you to build your own madlibs story using an array (list) for language arts. 


The Car and the Pothole How will you avoid hitting the pothole? This example is the start of a game that could go into a lot of directions, with knowledge of math required for elementary students.


Kaleidoscope Math  We take a classic Scratch example and turn it up a notch, as an example of how to combat math concepts in Scratch.


Elementary Social Studies - learning about the explorers can be a creative experience using Scratch's ability to animate and tell stories.


Scratch Piano - don't forget the arts! This intermediate project will help you build your own virtual piano.

Mike Renne

Thank you for sharing.  I think it is extremely important that we can show other teachers how to incorporate the power and flexibility of Scratch into their respective content areas.  These examples have inspired me to think about how I can begin to help other non-computer teachers use Scratch.  Thanks again!