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Reflection Activity: Group Critique

A sample reflection activity from Karen Brennan's course at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Designing activities for students to reflect deeply on their work can be challenging. Here is one sample reflection activity that graduate students did in Karen Brennan's course "Designing for Learning by Creating" at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Setup: Students sitting in a circle
Materials: Reflection prompt cards; feel free to make your own or remix the suggested prompts below.

  1. Share your name and a little bit about your project, around the circle.
  2. Read a card aloud (anyone can read aloud).
  3. Go around the circle, responding aloud to the questions on the card.
  4. Repeat with each of the cards.
Sample Prompts could include:

1. Make a statement about your project.

2. Describe your project in three words.

3. Using only a facial expression, how do you feel about your project today?

4. Complete this sentence: "One question I currently have about my project is..."

5. Complete this sentence about your project: "I have discovered that..."

6. Share one aspect of your project that feels unformed.

7. Share one thing that scares you about your project.

8. Complete this sentence about your Style: "I like giving feedback and support that is..."

9. Complete this sentence about your Style: "I like receiving feedback and support that is..."

If you'd like to use these reflection cards in your classroom, they can be downloaded from the following link:

This is just one sample activity that can be remixed for your classroom. For more ideas about how other Scratch educators are encouraging reflection in their creative computing classrooms, check out a summary of this week's #ScratchEdChat on reflection here: