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How to encourage your students by using the strengths of others' projects to enhance their projects in a remix.

The power of a remix

This lesson teaches the student

1. to encourage a fellow scratcher by remixing his/her project.

2. to use the strengths of another scratcher's project to enhance his/her own.

3. to participate in the Scratch community spirit of sharing and learning together.

Preparation before the lesson

Before the lesson, the teacher has to work on a remix of his/her own so as to understand the difficulties faced by the student when remixing. 

I have included links to two remixes that I have done - one where I use almost all the pictures and created a new story (I would fly away) and the other where I used the picture to illustrate a gift song from the Lord (It's not about you).


1. Decide on a topic for the day, eg, animals or manga art.

2. Discuss with the student how to remix a project.

a. Browse the Scratch galleries or featured projects for projects that appeal to them with pictures of animals that they like.

b. Download the project.

c. Take some time to decide which sprites and backgrounds the student wishes to retain. Delete the unwanted ones.

d. Working systematically, discard all the scripts attached to the sprites and backgrounds unless the student wishes to retain some of them.

e. Tip: It is easier to work with a clean slate.

f. Plan the new story around the chosen sprites and backgrounds.

g. Strongly encourage the student to add new elements in the form of conversations, sounds, new sprites and backgrounds to tell his story.

h. When done, rename the project, save and share it.

i. Please give credits to the other scratcher. The student can do that in the "Project notes". He/she may also want to go to that specific project and send a short message to the scratcher.

j. Have fun!