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Scratch 2.0 Student Handbook for ECS

3 Week Student Workbook for Scratch Unit in ECS
I am currently working on a revised Scratch unit for the Exploring Computer Science Curriculum (ECS). We are currently piloting it at with our students and revising the instructions as needed. The rubrics are being developed as well. One of the basic tenets of ECS is collaboration and we are trying to develop steps that encourage this. To view the documents select the following: Scratch for ECS Curriculum Outline for Instructors and Scratch for ECS Student Workbook
Please feel free to review and provide comments.
Janet Dee
We completed using this pilot curriculum in June. I have added the Scratch for ECS Final Unit Project that we used for a final assessment. The students learned so much in so little time. It was very successful and our
students were very positive about the experience. They used blogger sites and were able to embed their Scratch projects which made them easy to view.
Their blogs served as their design notebooks and were key to a very positive learning experience. I can not share their blog sites but here are some great lines from one student:
On Debugging:
"For someone who was trying to debug, I'd say the best way to figure it out, even if you have no clue and are just staring at the script, is to experiment. The worst thing that could happen is you would have to change it back to how it was at the beginning, but if you play around with the command blocks or the broadcast blocks you're bound to find an answer."
On Broadcast:
"If I were to describe broadcasting to someone, I would say it's the feature of allowing sprites to have realistic feeling conversations with one another,"
On Make A Block:
"The "make a block" function made using Scratch a lot easier. As we learn more and more about the tools available in this program, I've found it has only gotten smoother to work with."

Janet Dee
I have received some great suggestions regarding this and have incorporated them in the documents.  I look forward to more feedback. In addition I have posted the Final Unit Project assignment that we are going to use this week. Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could teach the cloning, camera or hardware extensions.
The Google Drive folder now contains all three documents which are shared for viewing with this link:
Anyone with the link can access the document and is free to download or copy and paste any of the contents with attribution.

Brenna Takata
I plan to use these resources for an after school program this winter.
LeeAnn Wells
 Hi Janet!

I am planning on delving into these resources over the summer!  I'm very excited to incorporate this into my after school program this fall!