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Scratch 3.0 Lesson: The Side-Scrolling Effect

This lesson will walk you through creating the side-scrolling effect in Scratch 3.0. It includes a starter project and 3 short, step-by-step animated tutorials.

I love the look in my students’ eyes the first time I introduce them to creating the side-scrolling effect in Scratch!  It’s as if I just showed them how to create magic, and in a way, I guess, maybe I did.  Just like with magic, the side-scrolling effect is an illusion!

Feel free to use the tutorials to teach the side-scrolling effect to your own students.  I tried to really break down every concept, so I think this lesson can be understood even by kids with little to no Scratch experience. I use lots of animations in the tutorials.  I feel animations are useful when explaining almost anything, but with the side-scrolling effect, I felt they were almost essential. 

If you come across any obstacles along the way, I’m more than happy to help!