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Scratch 3.0 resources

I have created these resources on Scratch 3 and decided to share so it would hopefully help start to convert some of the many Scratch1.4 and Scratch2.0 resources for Scratch 3.
I created these as Scratch 3.0 is out in January and resources (even for very simply tasks) are still useful.
I originally created the tutorials Libreoffice, but since have moved them into Markdown using and saved to github.   Screenshots have been taken by myself (so feel free to use in other resources). 

I have released under a cc license, so hopefully this is Ok for people.

Basically :
Scratch timer - basic countdown timer for games etc
Collision (basic collision detection)
Movement ( basic movement, but also illustrates the new feature with the direction dial )
Hopefully these are useful to people.

Comments, updates, pull requests with improvements welcome.