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Scratch 4 Second Life

Bring Second Life objects to life using Scratch!


Scratch for Second Life (S4SL) is an application developed by a student at the MIT Media Lab. Based on Scratch, S4SL features the same Scratch programming environment and user interface. With S4SL, you can add interactive elements to your objects in Second Life by snapping together Scratch programming blocks. For instance, you can interact with your SL pet using chat commands, and make your SL object change size and color.

The S4SL website contains setup files (Mac, Windows, and Linux versions are available), tutorials on getting started with S4SL (text and video), and a link to the official S4SL blog.

S4SL promises exciting new possibilities for intermediate to advanced Scratch learners. S4SL also offers an incentive for Second Life players to learn Scratch. 



Monica Boccoli
hi Ashley,
I'm a primary school's teacher. My pupils worked in 3d virtual word from when they were six. My collegue and I worked in eDmondo- Indire since 2010. You can see it here
Now I'm starting to work with s4sl  and I'll have to learn to use it. Are there any other tutorial on internet ?
Thank you for your precious suggestions.