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Scratch and Civic Engagement:

A follow-up from our #ScratchEdChat on Civic Engagement and a list of resources and example Scratch projects.

The ScratchEd Team hosted a #ScratchEdChat on Scratch and Civic Engagement on Tuesday, March 14th from 6-7PM EST. We were joined by Raquel Jimenez and Paulina Haduong, both Ph.D. Candidates at the Harvard Graduate School of Education researching Scratch and Civic Engagement.


The conversation was framed around three questions:

  • What interests teachers and students (you!) in using Scratch as a platform for Civic Engagement?
  • What issues do you and/or your students care about most? What issues do you want to shine a light on?
  • Civic engagement can be intimidating. What scaffolds can you use to help students engage?

Check out the list of resources below that emerged in the #ScratchEdChat, and this archive of the #ScratchEdChat on Storify.


Books and Articles

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Roque, R., Dasgupta, S., & Costanza-Chock, S. (2016). Children’s Civic Engagement in the Scratch Online Community. Social Sciences, 5(4), 55.
     We would like to highlight the recommendations from Roque et al for educators and designers (Section 5):

  1. Connect to Where the Learners Are and What They Are Already Doing
  2. Facilitate Rather than Dictate
  3. Encourage a Sense of Ownership over the Community
  4. Support Channels for Dutiful Citizenship

ScratchEd Team. (2017, January 27). Civic Engagement and Scratch. Retrieved from


Scratch Projects and Studios


Related Curricula and Resources