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Scratch Animals on the Move

A wiki page for individuals learning to program with Scratch

This wiki page features videos, lessons, and ideas for individuals who are learning to use Scratch. Links to interactive lessons and evaluation tools are also provided. Students can choose from two different tracks. The first track is for students who have had some exposure to programming. The second track is for first time programmers.Both tracks culminate in a Scratch project in which students animate an animal and its habitat.


Assignment (from the wiki page)

We have studied animals and the places where they lived called habitats. Write a program in scratch where you place two animals in the place where they live and show how they can move (A bird that flies, a bear that climbs etc.).


1. First draw or choose a back ground

2. Draw or import a sprite

3. Use the movement blocks to program you animal to move

4. Now get creative and develop a story around the animals and background you chose


See attached for a project assessment rubric.

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