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Scratch Art

Using Scratch as a medium to design patterns.

I am currently learning how to draw patterns with Scratch. To encourage Art teachers who wish to try a new medium, Scratch Art is really fun. No messy paints in the classroom. For the children, they can choose from such a wide palette of paints and there's no washing up too.

In this project, my inspiration was the book "Pattern Sourcebook: Nature 250 Patterns for Projects and Designs" by Shigeki Nakamura.

I wanted to learn how to draw waves - Japanese art style.  You can see that my end result is very rigid and not fantastic but the process is really fun. I have a long way to go.

Lesson plan

Design a repeated pattern for a wrapping paper

Key block - Grab screen region for new sprite

[You can get this command by pointing your mouse at the blank stage area and right click.}

  1. View project entitled Waves design 1. Please remind students to export the sprite if it is a pattern they are likely to use again.
  2. Draw a sprite. Then duplicate it.
  3. At this point, decide if you want to work in black and white or you wish to paint the sprite.
  4. Paint the sprite (optional)*
  5. Now join Sprite one to Sprite two. Duplicate it. [There are many ways of duplicating your pattern. you don't have to stick to a straight line like me. Explore, then undo if you don't like it.]
  6. Join Sprite two to Sprite three. Duplicate it. [The whole idea is to be able to fill the stage area with a repeated pattern that satisfies you.]
  7. Now paint the background. you may want to have more than one costume for the background.
  8. You may also add in music.
  9. View your project and adjust till you are happy.
  10. Share it.
  11. Enjoy!

* Note: Please decide if you want the pattern to reflect different colours for different lines.

P.S. You may wish to see the wrapping paper designs done by two of my students in the links below.