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Scratch Challenges Curriculum (Beginner - Advanced)

UPDATED: These challenges are now on a website. This is a set of Scratch challenges that scaffold students learning of the basic concepts of Scratch and programming in a fun way.


The basic idea of this curriculum is to give students a set of fun Scratch challenges that scaffold their learning of the basic concepts of Scratch. There are three main aspects.
1. Each challenge is designed to introduce new concepts and/or blocks.
2. Most challenges have an accompanying video that demonstrates what the challenge is and then gives a few hints. (Students can watch the hints or not depending on video)
3. Many of the challenges are sequenced  from beginner to advanced in a way where the build on each other and lead to a game. However, all students don’t usually complete all the challenges and they don’t necessarily have to do them in order.
This curriculum was originally designed for students, but can work to teach teachers as well. Please feel free to use this with students and I would appreciate any feedback you have, because the curriculum is a work on progress. 


Colin Meltzer

 The trick for the "square" pattern is to make the cat turn slightly more than 90 degrees (92 degrees). I'm glad it helped, let me know if you have any suggestions. 



kanakapriya kalyanasundaram

Hey this helped us get from a half hearted attempt to learn scratch a year ago to a cool and challenging lesson (we started with lesson 5 and my 9 year old is looking into making your square pattern).  Thanks a lot!