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Scratch Coordinates Worksheet

Students can write their names using Scratch coordinates. I created a grid of coordinates to help them plan it out.
I figured writing their names would be a good start.  The coordinates can be a bit tricky so I created this worksheet (attached) with the grid of coordinates.  You can print these and have students write their names (block style) and then transfer the coordinates into their program.  By the way, you can use this worksheet for any Scratch project that utilizes coordinates.  The educational purpose of this project is to teach the coordinate system and programming concepts.  4th and 5th graders should be able to handle it.

Here’s the screencast and finished example:
Other Files: 
Wang Yiguang
Thank you very much, great!  I will try to  share this work to  the students.
Erin Knott
Thank you for this I'm going to use it tomorrow to help my code club get to grips with co-ordinates and on screen navigation.
ben johnson
Glad you found it helpful :)
Susan-Adelle Warren
When I try to access the Resource Files, I get the dreaded "Page not Found" message.