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Scratch Curriculum Guide Draft

A design-based introduction to computational thinking with Scratch

This Scratch curriculum guide provides an introduction to creative computing with Scratch, using a design-based learning approach.

The guide is organized as a series of twenty 60-minute sessions, and includes session plans, handouts, projects, and videos. The 20 sessions presented in this guide are organized into 5 topics:

  • introduction
  • arts
  • stories
  • games
  • final project

You can download the full, current draft of the curriculum guide below - available in both pdf and doc formats.

The guide was developed to be both subject-neutral and grade-neutral to accommodate different settings for any teacher who wants to support students’ development of computational thinking through explorations with Scratch. The content for the guide is based on four years of Scratch educator workshops, particularly the Google-funded 2009-2011 Creative Computing workshops and more recently, NSF-funded ScratchEd workshops and meetups.

We are currently conducting a pilot of the curriculum guide with 11 educators. But we hope that a wide range of educators will try out the curriculum guide and provide us with feedback.

Now that the guide is launched, we'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Please share any feedback you have about the guide by posting comments in the Curriculum Guide Draft discussion space. We'd love to hear any reactions on what works, what doesn't work, and what it looks like in your classroom.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Susan Ettenheim


 I'm very excited to start using this in my high school animation class. We are just finishing our design sketchbooks/journals this week. So far, we've done a little drawing, talked about imagination in animation, made clay creatures and talked about character development and started to talk a little about storyboarding. This week, we're going to finish the notebooks and do a little stop motion animation and then my plan is to move to the computers and Scratch, weaving the physicality of building and moving objects with the online work with Scratch. I'd love to connect with any other teachers to skype video and share work!

Nancy Costa

Congratulations on the new curriculum guide!  I will  look forward to using it with my afterschool Scratch club.


The pdf link is actually okay.  I  just needed to scroll down on page 1 once I  downloaded it as the top of the page is blank.

Ryan Evans

PDF link works. Will definately utilize and provide feedback. Thanks

Karen Brennan

The PDF link should now be working again -- thanks for letting us know!

Kim Abery-Lyman

I only get white screen with the pdf. The others load okay.

The doc works and the info is awesome.


Karen Brennan

Is it maybe the PDF, but zoomed in? I just tested it on a few different machines and the PDF loads. But on one of the machines, it loaded to "Fit Width", which only showed the top of the first page (which is blank).

Thanks for the report!

Stephen Thomas

 pdf link for curricullum guide is broken. 


Saurabh Kapoor

The guide looks interesting, and has soom good ideas that I can immediately implement in my classes. 

The link to the pdf appears to be broken.