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Scratch Day Photo Booth Props

Print these out on card stock for a fun photo booth! Also great for storytelling!
We were looking for some fun props to include in a photo booth for Scratch Day, so we made some.  First we enlarged several of the sprites from Scratch and inserted them into a document. Then we printed the document on card stock and cut out the sprites.  Finally, we attached a straw (the one that bends is the best) to the back of each using tape.  I'm thinking these might be fun to use in a storytelling activity or for brainstorming a Scratch project.  
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Lisa Manzi
This will be great for our Meet Up. Great Idea. I may also use them as decorations in my classroom. 
Wilhelmina Peragine
Thanks for sharing, Leanna! These could be fun for ScratchEd Meetups too...