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Scratch Educator Show & Tell Videos - Creative Computing Reunion 2012

In these videos, twelve Scratch educators share examples of student work, lesson plan ideas, assessment rubrics or other experiences from using Scratch in their classrooms.

At the 2012 Creative Computing Reunion held at MIT on January 21, 2012, we hosted a Show & Tell session where educators were given five minutes each to share current work. It was exciting to The presentations ranged from presenting student work, to talking about lesson plan ideas, discussing challenges regarding assessment, or sharing personal projects.

What was particularly exciting about this Show & Tell session, was that with twelve educators presenting, one got a sense of the diverse range of ways Scratch is being used in schools. 


Frank Iannucci discussed strategies for engaging both boys and girls in his class and shared some of the types of projects they created.


Jennifer Sacks talked about how she uses the Scratch website with her 8th graders.



Eleanor Cerny started a discussion around creating electronic design journals.


Claire Caine shared projects that were developed by her fourth graders while learning about lists and variables.


Ron Geason shared his experiences working to engage students about the coordinate graph using Scratch.


Anne Marie Wyman presented games created by 7th and 8th graders during an enrichment course.


Ernest Dodson shared a Scratch project created by a student at summer camp.


David Grammerstorf presented an assessment rubric that he and his colleagues are currently developing to complement their Scratch curriculum unit.


Debbie Slade showed a project she developed that creates melodies in Scratch.


Julianne Ross-Kleinmann presented a draft project and requested feedback on behalf of one of her 5th grade students.


Ryan Evans presented student projects that were designed using lists.


Lorraine Leo shared projects that illustrate how her K-6 students are creating, communicating, and collaborating with Scratch.


Ernest Dodson

 Thank you for giving me the chance to present. It was a good tool for me to use for a opening for my afterschool Scratch program.