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Scratch Educator Show & Tell Videos - February Meetup

Scratch educators present examples of how they are using Scratch in their teaching practices.

At the February 2011 Scratch Educator Meetup, we held a session called Show & Tell, where participants shared how they are using Scratch in their teaching practices.We love Show & Tell because educators are able to present their work, the audience gets to ask questions and get new ideas, and everyone has a lot of fun!

The Show & Tell session first debuted at the CS4HS Reunion in January 2011. You can watch the presentations from the Scratch educators here.

Some of the Scratch projects and links to websites presented can be found at the bottom of this page.

Lorraine Leo
 shared some of her students' projects, and details of her Scratch Day collaboration with Yoshiro Miyata of Japan.


Vicki Gold shared some of the projects her students have been creating, including a challenging project by superzipzop.


Lisa Radden shared her experiences with the TechSperts program, including her blog where students are posting their Scratch reflections.


Sandra Bleecker, Janet Dee, and Vicki Gold demonstrated a project they co-created during today's meetup - an interactive recording/playback drawing project.

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