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Scratch Educator Show & Tell Videos - March 2012 Meetup

Educators share ongoing work, student projects, and updates in these Show & Tell videos from the March 2012 Scratch Educator Meetup.

At the March 2012 Scratch Educator Meetup, eight educators shared ongoing work, student projects, and updates during a session called Show & Tell. Structured as a lightning round of quick presentations, each participant was given two minutes to share, followed by questions from the audience.

Show & Tell is a recurring session that takes place at the Scratch Educator Meetups, a monthly event held every first Saturday of the month at MIT. You can check out previous Show & Tell videos or sign up to attend the next meetup on the ScratchEd events page.

John Gomes and Lawrence Burns present an introductory four-week Moodle online course for teachers that they have developed using resources from Scratch and ScratchEd.


In this video, Janet Dee shares one way of using Scratch as presentation tool where ninth grade students create Scratch projects to express their goals for the next school year.


John Bottoms demonstrates how translating puzzles into Scratch could help facilitate math learning. He also talks about a new device being distributed in the UK called Raspberry Pi that includes Scratch.


Lorraine Leo presents the World Friends Project, a unique Scratch project that combines interactive sprites created by her students and those of other teachers in Japan, Russia, Australia and other countries around the globe. You can read more about her international collaborations here.


Shaleen Jain presents a project that his masters students are working on. In the context of environmental education, the group has developed handouts to support elementary students' learning of computational concepts through Scratch.


Ingrid Gustafson shares some of her notes and reflections from the DML 2012 Conference in San Francisco, California.


Harvard graduate student, Jen Lavalle, talks all things Scratch Day. She explains what Scratch Day is and encourages people to plan an event or to consider attending the Scratch Day event hosted by the Scratch Team at MIT.


ScratchEd Team member, Michelle Chung, shares updates and an anecdote from her experiences at the SIGCSE 2012 Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Do you have something you'd like to share? Join us at an upcoming Scratch Educator Meetup! You can find more information and register for the next meetup on the ScratchEd events page.

justine delaney

Thanks for summary of Show and Tell Videos.  Amazing work going - well done all involved. Justine, Ireland


Michelle Choi

Thanks Justine! I really appreciate your feedback.