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Scratch Educator Show & Tell Videos - March 2013 Meetup

Short videos of educators demonstrating a space invaders game project and a large-scale Scratch project created by international collaborators.

During lunch at the March 2013 Scratch Educator Meetup, we hosted a session called Show & Tell. Structured as a series of quick, lighting-round presentations, educators are given the opportunity to share anything related to their work with Scratch in an informal group setting.

Show & Tell is a recurring session that takes place at the Scratch Educator Meetups, a free monthly event held every month at MIT. You can watch previous Show & Tell videos or register to attend the next meetup on the ScratchEd events page.

Lorraine Leo shared an interactive, large-scale Scratch project created in collaboration with Japanese Scratch educator, Yoshiro Miyata, and contributed to by teachers and students around the world including the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


Derek Breen described how he produced an awesome (and efficient!) space invaders game using the cloning feature in Scratch 2.0 and by remixing aspects of another Space Invaders-inspired project he discovered on the website.


Mark Willis
That's very interesting. I've just gone through something similar. I too think ifugu's 1.4 space invader game and pacman game are superb. I was a galaga fan and decided to write a galaga clone in 1.4 here It ran far too slowly, although was quite good in turbo mode in the flash player. That then prompted me to try Scratch 2 and use clones. I did rewrite it and it was better but still slow. I found cloning frustrating at first as I kept hitting brick walls but the problem was I was thinking in 1.4 and not 2.0. In 1.4 you have to use timers and provide heartbeats to get everything synchronised and moving properly which is one reason ifugu's scripts are so complicated. By contrast Scratch 2 is better when things are running in parallel and by thinking like that, I found I could simplify and achieve amazing results in 2.0. So remixing projects from 1.4 to 2.0 can reap enormous benefits but don't expect a simple remix, if you use the new features then you're really going to need to start from Scratch!