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Scratch Educator Show & Tell Videos - April 2011 Meetup

Video of educators sharing teaching practices and Scratch projects at the April ScratchEd Meetup.

At the April 2011 Scratch Educator Meetup, we held a session called Show & Tell, where participants share how they are using Scratch in their teaching practices. Educators can show students' Scratch projects, share a personal project, or start a discussion on a related topic.

The Show & Tell session is a recurring event at the ScratchEd Meetup events. You can watch the Show & Tell videos from the February and March Meetups.

Have an idea for something you'd like to show or talk about? Meetups are held every 3rd Saturday of the month. Find out more information or register for the next meetup on the Scratch Events website.

Tom Kowalczyk presented the National Academies Report: "Rising Above the Gatherings Storm" and put out a call to action for educators to get involved in garnering business support for education. 


Anushka Paul shared a collide game that she created at the meetup. In the video, she talks about what it was like for her to struggle with the anxiety of using Scratch for the first time.


Abby Miller gave us an update on rubrics and assessment handouts that she developed after hearing advice from an educator at the March Meetup. She also presented student projects and described how one student in particular is building self-confidence by sharing his Scratch projects at the beginning of class.


Jesse Raymond demoed his spaceship game that explores using trigonometric functions to simulate physics concepts such as gravity and acceleration.