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Scratch Exercises 4-7

Fun exercises for grade 7-9

I have tested these exercises with several classes over the last few years. They are self paced exercises with excellent spots open for extension exercises in a classroom setting.  i welcome feedback and would happily update resources as time permits.

Genevieve Wilcock

Hi Daniel

Thank you for the exercises.  I am using them with a middle school class and have found they have just the right amount of challenge to inspire the students, without providing everything on a plate!

Much appreciated.

Genevieve (South Africa)

justine delaney

Hi Daniel, your materials are really excellent.  Simple and well thought out + designed.  Am hoping to work with some 11 year olds in June/July for a few classes so if it goes ahead would love to show them one or two of your exercises? Hope that'd be ok with you. Rgds,  Justine (Ireland)


Daniel Reid

Hi Justine,


I'd be delighted if you thought my material fit for classroom use. I use it with my own students.  I'd welcome any feedback, errata, and comments for improvement.


Have fun!