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Scratch Filter for Moodle

Plugin for Moodle to allow students to easily embed their own scratch games and peer review / evaluate each other's work.

 Scratch Filter for Moodle

This filter allows scratch games to be easily embedded into a moodle based virtual learning environment:



This plugin allows you to automatically embed scratch games into Labels / Forums / Web Pages - wherever there is a link to a .sb scratch file that has been uploaded onto the moodle server (either as an attachment to a forum post, or as a course file).

This not only allows you to use scratch files as teaching aids / examples / games but also allows students to share their own scratch games with other students via a forum, giving and receiving feedback and learning from each other's scripts.


This plugin was created for use on for students studying ICT at Manor CE Secondary school, York, where students in Y8 / Y9 study a short course in Game Design. See

To install / configure:

The scratch filter is designed for Moodle 1.9 and Scratch 1.4.:

  • Unzip the scratch folder to the filters folder on your moodle server
  • Log in as administrator and visit the notifications page.
  • Enable the scratch filter (Modules > Filters > Manage Filters)
  • Change the settings to enable / disable autoplay (Modules > Filters > Scratch)
  • Test out the plugin by adding a link to a scratch file in a label or creating a forum post with a scratch file as an attachment


This filter is adapted from the mediaplugin filter which enables easy embedding of mp3s, wmvs and other multimedia files. 

ScratchApplet.jar and are included with permission from the Scratch team. These files may need updating from time to time as new versions of scratch are released. They are generally available from: and

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See 

This plugin is released for free but without any warrantee under the GNU General Public License:




  • Added option to enable / disable scratch games being displayed in the centre of the web page
  • Added option to show / hide link to download scratch file.


  • Filter for Moodle 2.0 released by Ralf Krause









Ralf Krause

 Hi all, 

you can find the new Scratch filter for Moodle 2 in the Moodle plugin repository:

Please try it and have fun!


Saurabh Kapoor

Great stuff Pete (and Ralf), I was able to get this working on my moodle 2.0 installation.

Pete, could you please update the original post and add the moodle 2.0 zip as a resource?

Pete Dring

 Hi Saurabh - really pleased this was useful - it was Ralf that did all the hard work for the Moodle 2.0 version.

I've added the zip file as a resource as requested.



Pete Dring

 Hi Michael, 

The plugin automatically replaces hyperlinks to scratch .sb files with a java applet that allows people to play the game on the web site. I normally create a forum and allow students to post to that forum with their scratch game attached. Students can then play and rate each other's games.

I can't give guest access to an example forum with student work I'm afraid, but this example on our eSafety page should give you an idea:


Michael Harrington


could I see what you mean ? what does this look like?


the link


does not  let me see a Moodle course





Ralf Krause

New Scratch filter for Moodle 2.0

Please download and try it. I hope you will like it.

Pete Dring

 Thanks for this Ralf - I've not tested this yet on moodle 2.0 but you've tidied up and improved the code nicely and it looks like it should work really well.

Would you mind if I share this on I'd have to update the copyright header on each php file to add some references if that's ok? Thanks for all you've done!

Ralf Krause

 Hi Pete,

please tell what I should change with the headers.

It would be nice if you could set the link into the Moodle filter page. I am a Moodle developer so I have an account directly on a server. I will update the Scratch filter if I have to do this at the same place with the same file name.

Best regards, Ralf


Ralf Krause

Great work!

I use it for my workshops with teachers.
They have to present their Scratch programming in a Moodle forum. 

Ingrid Gustafson

This works great! I'm hoping to get the filer plugin on our district Moodle site. Thanks. 

Pete Dring

I'm not sure if I can make the scratch canvas any size other than the default width and height - seems to be restricted by the java applet - sorry.

I've added a option for to change the alignment as requested but adding support for panther and slash is outside my expertise - sorry!

I've also added a feature to allow for the link to the scratch file to be hidden as requested on a different forum. At the moment, this will show / hide the link for all embedded scratch files - post a request here if anyone would find it useful to be able to show / hide links by course / role in moodle.

Raymond Fürst

It fits seemlessly into my moodle site.

This filter will add much more life in my learning environment.

Thank you very much for this filter.

Feature requests:

  • The Scratch applet area is quite small. How about an option that doubles the size of the stage?
  • The applet is always centered. How about inheriting the alignment from the surrounding context (i.e. left, right, centered)?
  • How do I modify the filter so it can run projects from Scratch derivatives such as Panther, Slash etc?
Katherine Key

This is fantastic! Thanks

susan evans

Wow, this is awesome! Thanks!

Amos Blanton

This looks great! Thanks Pete! :)