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Scratch Gallery: "Newest Projects in Teaching Resources-1303"

Featuring educational Scratch projects

This Scratch gallery features educational projects that can be used by teachers in many subject areas.


Here are some sample projects on display:


Solar System

Solar System by illusionist

A simulation of our solar system.


This script contains instructions and animation for learning to count in binary on your fingers.


Phoneme Flash ...

Phoneme Flashcards by Mayhem

The phonemes from phases 2 and 3 of the UK's letters and sounds phonics programme.


This project sorts a list of numbers that represent the various sizes of twenty bubbles.

Past Tense wi ...

Past Tense with Ed the Cat by Mayhem

A very simple game about spotting irregular verbs - click on the verb to change it to past tense.


Directions ga ...

Directions game by Mayhem

Used for teaching Year 1 children how to give directions using Forward, Backwards, Left and Right.

Coin Counting ...

Coin Counting Game by Mayhem

A game for four players, teaching multiples of 10 using english 10 pence coins.


Created for a Year 2 literacy lesson from the QCA Module "Silly Sounds", in which children learn to play with language.

Creates a list of all possible questions and answers for multiplying the numbers 0-10 and then selects 20 questions randomly from the list.

Ashley Lee

Thanks, Ai Boon! Lovely to hear that you're finding these resources helpful.

Ai Boon Tan

Dear Ashley,


You are a blessing. Thanks for highlighting all these useful resources and sharing them.


Best regards,

Ai Boon