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Scratch Lessons: Shall We Learn Scratch Programming for Tweens

15 Scratch lessons with accompanying video tutorials

These lessons are designed to lead students step by step through the process of building cartoon animations and games (Pong and Mini Mario) in Scratch. Students will start with learning to create a simple sprite and progressively acquire more advanced skills. Some of these lessons come with video tutorials, which may be found on the website.


Lesson Content

Lesson 1: Create a Sprite (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 2: Dance! (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 3: Dance to the Beat (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 4: Sprite Interaction via Variables (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 5: Work with the Stage (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 6: Add Music with Scratch and Audacity®
Lesson 7: The Pong Game (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 8: Stories to Animations Part I (accompanied by a video tutorial)
Lesson 9: Stories to Animation Part II
Lesson 10: MiniMario Game Part I- Game Design
Lesson 11: Mini Mario Game Part II - Sprites
Lesson 12: Mini Mario Game Part III - Game Rules
Lesson 13: Mini Mario Game Part IV: Platforms
Lesson 14: Mini Mario Game Part V: Intro to Scrolling
Lesson 15: Mini Mario Game Part VI: Game Wrap Up

Angie H

I have completed all lessons...I followed directions mini mario does not work like the example.  Great lessons...just wanted to let others know not to stress when it is not like end of lesson 15 sample

Ashley Lee

I love the cartoonish sprites in these lessons.

Daniel Reid

A really nice set of step-by-step instructions.  I like the mini-howto draw the dancing sprite.