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Scratch in Literature

How to use Scratch as a tool to introduce poetry to students.

Casper Darare (please refer to link to project below) is a poem which I wrote long ago.  Scratch can be used in many ways to inculcate a love for literature. This project demonstrates how we can encourage our students to express themselves freely through:

1. the paint editor

2. poetry

3. recording the poem

In scratching a poem, the student is able to overcome his reluctance or dislike for the subject because of the excitement of using this medium of expression. He can also complete a perceived difficutl piece of work because of the great support provided by the features in the Scratch program.  For example, all the students can type out their poems but not everyone will be able to draw or paint a nice background. However, Scratch helps those who are not good in art by providing the means to paint a simple coloured background or import one.

The sound feature in Scratch gives the student who loves to talk a chance to show off his area of strength.

The ability to publish the project at the end of the lesson or upon completion will give a strong sense of achievement to the student especially when he records his own voice.

This project can also be used as a group project. in several ways:

1. Divide the class into groups and each group scratches an original poem or a poem selected by the teacher.

2. Divide the class into groups which will provide the various features of the final project, for example, a sound clips group, a writing group, an art group and a programming group,etc.

In this way, the kids choose which group they wish to belong to.  If there are too many students for one type of activity, just break them into sub-groups.

I am assuming there are enough computers to go round.

This is all theory. I have not tried this out but I believe it will work. So if any of you tries it, do share with us here at ScratchEd.