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Scratch Programming for Teens

A book on Scratch programming from Course Technology PTR.

This 315-page book is intended for beginning programmers, especially teens. 

The following description is available from the publisher's website


Book Description (from the back cover)

Welcome to Scratch Programming for Teens! Scratch is a programming language intended to make programming easier to learn for novice programmers. It can be used to create computer games, interactive stories, graphic artwork and computer animation, and all sorts of other multimedia projects. Scratch can also be used to play digital music and sound effects. If you aspire to one day become a professional programmer, Scratch provides everything you need to build a foundation. Scratch also packs all of the programming power and punch needed to satisfy the programming needs of most computer enthusiasts and hobbyists. Best of all, it’s actually fun to use! Scratch Programming for Teens provides all the instruction that a first-time programmer needs to quickly get up and running with Scratch. Before you know it, you will be creating all kinds of projects that incorporate graphics, sound, and animation. As you learn how to program with Scratch, you will learn programming principles and techniques that you can later apply to other programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic and AppleScript...


  • The first book on this exciting new programming language
  • Provides in-depth coverage of Scratch to build a solid understanding of programming and will prepare readers to make the jump to other programming languages.
  • Teaches the basics of computer game programming through the book’s hands-on building block approach to Scratch.
  • No previous programming experience required!

Table of Contents


Part I    Scratch Basics

Chapter 1 Introducing Scratch
Chapter 2 Getting Comfortable with the Scratch Development Environment
Chapter 3 A Review of the Basic Components of Scratch Projects
Chapter 4 Mr. Wiggly's Dance - A Quick Scratch Project

Part II    Learning How to Write Scratch Programs

Chapter 5 Moving Things Around
Chapter 6 Sensing Sprite Position and Controlling Environmental Settings
Chapter 7 Storing and Retrieving Data
Chapter 8 Doing a Little Math
Chapter 9 Conditional and Repetitive logic
Chapter 10 Changing the Way Sprites Look and Behave
Chapter 11 Spicing things Up with Sounds
Chapter 12 Drawing Lines and Shapes

Part III    Advanced Topics

Chapter 13 Sharing Your Scratch Projects Over the Internet
Chapter 14 Collecting External Input Using a Scratch Sensor Board
Chapter 15 Finding and Fixing Program Errors

Part IV    Appendices

Appendix A What's on the Companion Web Site?
Appendix B What Next?

ScratchEd Team

It seems that the link isn't working. Here is a link to the author's post about the book in the Scratch forums. There is a link to Amazon where you can purchase the book.