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Scratch Projects Across the Curriculum

A list of Scratch Projects from across the curriculum.

Scratch Projects Across the Curriculum


What’s in this list? In this collection of Scratch projects, we’ve tried to represent the vastly diverse ways that Scratch can be used across subject areas and grade levels. Though we have divided the projects by subject area, almost all of these projects are interdisciplinary.


How can I use this list? In addition to interacting with the projects, you can see how the projects were constructed by clicking the “See Inside” button. We hope that your exploration of these projects will inspire connections to your classroom context.



Maze Game:

Basketball Game:

Math Quiz Gameshow:

Fractal Ferns:

Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Waves:

Distributive Property:


Math Race:

Random Walker with Barriers:

Math Dragon:


Esperanza Rising Interactive Book Project:

Aesop's Fables, animated:

Random sentence generator:

Spelling Game:

Friends are Friends:

Fridge Poetry:

Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz:



Social Studies

A Day in Ancient Rome:

World History Vocab:

Greek Gods Trivia:

Declaration of Independence:

Documenting our Lives with Cameras:

Make a Flag:

Media Isn't Who You Are:

The 50 States Game:

State Capitals Game:


Rube Goldberg Machine:

Tundra Biome Project:

Series Circuit Simulation Challenge:

Water Cycle Project:



Digestive System:


Parts of a Flower:

Animal Cells:

Projectile Motion:

Foreign Language

Chinese New Year:

Spanish Matching Game:

Learn Braille:

Learn Japanese Numbers:


Visual and Media Arts

String Art:

Star Wars Dress Up Game:

Animated Candle:

Alice in Wonderland:

Virtual Museum:

Flip Book Animation:




The Music Note Game:

Call Me Maybe

Touch-typing Music:


Boots and Cats:

Scratch Music Composer:

Grupo Voces:

Chris Trotter
Thank you Scratch Ed Team for evolving Scratch beyound script coding and creating a digital tool that matches Powerpoint in the world for training and education.  We are looking to use Scratch as a Learning Support practium for our Vocational Sector here in Australia that bridges the culutral learning divide and showcase the empowerment of the human creativity with the world of science and the digital revolution.
Zuming Shang
Thank you,these are very using and funny to the kids
Wilhelmina Peragine
So glad to hear that it's useful, Elaine! Please keep adding to it, via the comments, and we'll keep updating the list. 

Elaine Juran
Thank you, Scratch Ed Team for making this compilation!  I see so many great ideas to integrate into my school's curriculum:)