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Scratch Resources for UNT PreService Teachers

Resources to help undergraduate pre-service education students learn how to use and teach with Scratch. (University of North Texas, Fall 2010)

I'm using these wiki pages to help my pre-service education students at the University of North Texas (in the Department of Learning Services, College of Information) learn about Scratch and how to use it with students. There are two links here: One to my resources page and another to my assignments page. We're using this in fall 2010, and these resources are under development: I'll be adding to them throughout November 2010. If anyone has suggestions for additional links and resources to add here I'd be most appreciative to know about them! The Scratch community is wonderful and I'm enthused to join you! Ever since hearing a podcast of Mitch Resnik at NECC, and seeing him in person present about Scratch several years ago, I've been very interested in learning more about Scratch and sharing it with other educators. This semester is the first opportunity I've had to include it in an undergraduate course curriculum that I'm teaching.

We are spending four 1.5 hour class periods learning about and working with Scratch. I publish audio lecturecasts of our classes on, and my upcoming sessions about Scratch will be included.

Twitter: @wfryer