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Scratch Story Sessions

Incorporating non-linear storytelling through non-linear programming on Scratch
An introductory Scratch storytelling curriculum, based on the Creative Computing curriculum guide.

A note from the author:
While stories are encouraged to be written and told in a more logical format (clear beginning, then middle, and end) by academia, the acts of storytelling and story-writing are not always conducive to this strict, linear style. Some research examining people telling stories concluded that we often share our stories usually without ordering the events sequentially. Often, when we tell stories, we hardly share stories with this clear beginningmiddle-end structure. Yet, in school, we are encouraged to write and tell stories linearly, without leaving space to explore nonlinear creation and telling. These remixed sessions are an attempt to address this contradiction. In these remixed sessions, you will find text that is the same or similar to the original Scratch story sessions, as noted previously, and that the layout has been changed into a more traditional lesson plan. However, you will also find parts of the sessions that have been added or replaced as an effort to discover more nonlinear storytelling and creation through Scratch. During reflections, there will be MetaMoments, which are questions teachers can pose to their students to help them engage in metacognition, or thinking about their thinking. Metacognition has been shown to increase student learning as well as problem solving skills, which will be useful in Scratch programming. At the end of each session, there are handouts and examples that you may use with your students. I hope these sessions will be helpful in providing one way to explore nonlinear storytelling via Scratch programming. Happy Storytelling! - Ji-Sun Ham