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From the Ottawa Catholic School - Scratch Student Taskcards with Accompanying Video Tutorials

10 sets of worksheets and video tutorials for elementary school students

The Ottawa Catholic School offers Scratch workshops to grade 6 students. Lisa Bergin, Katie Brown, and Nelson Chan have developed a series of task cards and accompanying video tutorials that will help students acquire beginner to intermediate Scratch skills.

Taskcard 1: "Movement, Looping (repeat/forever) and Bouncing on Edge"
Making Your Sprite Move

Taskcard 2: "Change effects (colour, etc), Press key and Wait ? sec."
Adding Effects to your Sprite

Taskcard 3: "Importing New Sprites and Speaking/Thinking"
Create a Comic Strip 

Taskcard 4: "Create Your Own Animation Using Costumes"
Adding Backgrounds, Using Motion, Looks and Control

Taskcard 5: "X & Y Coordinates and Pen Down Effect"
Using "go to x:__ y:__" to draw shapes

Taskcard 6: "Sensing Feature/Hide and Show"
Reacting to the Mouse Pointer...

Taskcard 7: "Broadcasting and Receiving" Linking Sprite Scripts
Sending and Receiving Messages to Change Your Sprite or Background 

Taskcard 8: "Variables and Keeping Score"
Put the Score on the Stage

Taskcard 9: "Putting It All Together"
Create a Video Game

Taskcard 10: Edit Your Sprites
Use the Paint Editor to Modify Sprites 

Alan O'Donohoe

It looks as though the host website for these materials has disappeared!

Karen Brennan

Thanks for the notification! We've updated the resource -- and the taskcards are attached.


Deirdre Dacus

 Super resource!  Thanks.

Michelle Gerbrick

Holding a summer program for students and this is a great place for me to start to help guide them.  Thank you.


Louisa Guest

 thanks - great resources for a teacher new to Scratch

Stamati Crook

Nice one. If you like this you might also like another example tutorial (maybe for older pupils)  for a fish game at


Best wishes - Stamati

Dan Maher

These are really great!   I'm new to Scratch and just introducing it to 4th-6th graders and these videos and task cards have been tremendously useful as a jumping off point!   Thanks so much :)

Tim Bleazard

Fantastic. I'll follow this to improve my understanding of scratch and try this out with some children too.