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Scratch Teacher Accounts

You can now manage all your classes and students through one Scratch Teacher Account.
Scratch Teacher Accounts are now available! Here are three links to helpful resources created by the Scratch team:

1. Request an account.

2. Read through the FAQ.

3. Watch a video tutorial.

The video walks you through:
  • three different ways of adding classes
    • by sharing a link with students
    • by uploading a csv file
    • by adding individual students
  • changing account settings
  • adding studios and curators to your classes
  • checking class activity
  • moderating content and comments
  • what students will see and experience
M Lyle
Is it possible to move students from previous year's class to a new class, please?
maruthi yerra
can someone send me the sample answers for reflections in creative computing learner workbook, my students want to compare answers with those. my mail id:
Alexa Kutler
Hi Maruthi Yerra, 
Answers are not available for the Creative Computing guide.
maruthi yerra
in creative computing learner workbook we have reflections can someone send the sample answers for those reflections, my students want to compare the answers. my mail id is
Jason Rukman
If you are looking for more curriculum such as that developed by Bellevue in Washington under NSF grant take a look at iTCH and our integrated lessons for Scratch.
Nguyen Van Nghiem
OK, waiting for aproval.
My teacher account is dainganxanhed. 
Joan Clark
I finally got my 25 students set up in my Teacher account. It's great! Thank you MIT for offering this and setting it up! As of this writing, I have yet to have a full-class instruction (first day was mostly taken up setting up accounts), but the (4th grade) students are very excited about this, and it make my job so much easier!
Previously I just had them all log into the same account - so they had to be trustworthy not to damange other student work and I had to fish through their work to figure out who-did-what. It worked, but was tedious.
I am sure there will be some things to discover, and change-requests to be made of the developers (for example, I'd like to be able to delete student accounts--some youngsters made sveral accounts not realizing thiers had already been made), but for now I'm just so glad to have this resource. Thank you.

Joan Clark
Sun Lee
Is there a way to move students from one class to another?
Lianka Prada
I'm  looking forward to starting using new teacher account. That will be very very helpfull!
Gloria Lao García
Hi! I've been using the new teacher's account since you made it available and I have to say it's really useful and it's made my job easier and better organized. Thank you! I have a question though, is there a way we can see all the comments we've made as teachers to our students? It'd be similar to the "Activity" but listing what we have posted (not the kids' comments). 
Thanks again!
Joffin-Mari Motyka
I am still waiting for my teacher accoutn confirmation.  I applied a month ago and still nothing. 
Wilhelmina Peragine
Hi Joffin-Mari,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble registering for a teacher account. You can reach out to the Scratch team about your account here:

And this ScratchEd discussion might have some useful info, as might the Scratch team's FAQ about teacher accounts

Hope that helps!
Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team 
Susan Newton
I can see how having a teacher account would be helpful. As a middle school teacher, most of my students already have Scratch accounts so I'm looking forward to the addition of a feature that allows you to create a class and then add existing accounts to it. Thanks for your commitment to continually improving and adding more features!
Raul Gosalbez Gomez
Raúl Gosalbez